Mary, the Truthful One

My dear children, look upon my Jesus on that Cross, where he has taken upon Himself all your sins, as you yet can, living today so distractedly and with so many deceits and cleverness. My children, for good Christians, followers of Christ, it does not help being clever, deceitful, or falsely tolerant; no, I assure you, be sincere, merciful, good, and just, and then, yes, you will be able to profess yourselves Catholic Christians.

Today one no longer understands true love. Each child of mine tries to be clever enough to be the first across the finish line. Not in this way, not in this way, my children. Each of you, who are consoling me with your prayer, begin yourselves to live in truth and in true goodness.

There is no half-measure; one belongs either to Jesus or to Satan. Wake up; start walking on the right path. Repent of the evil done in the name of power and control. Repent without losing more time, since it could be too late. Be truthful and your brethren will believe in you.

Not the one who says, “Lord, Lord,” will enter into the Kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of God. God is Truth, therefore, be his worthy children. It is true that often the truth hurts, but false tolerance will bring you nowhere.

Your Lord still looks upon you from that Cross. Reciprocate his gaze of love and be sincere with yourselves and with others. I compel you to be coherent, strong, and bold in proving your good will.

Do not be ashamed of being truthful. Do not fear false judgments. My Son sees and provides for all those who bear witness to his truth.

I bless you. Arm yourselves with good and eternal truth.

Mary, the Truthful One