Mary, Celestial Mother

My daughter, your sadness is a small part of mine; do you want to share it a little while longer with me? I am sorrowful for what you all must confront in the times to come. Almost none of my children recognize that the times you are living through are times of trial.

Satan is furious with all my children, and tries them in every moment and in every occasion, but they no longer respond to such temptations. My dear children, I count so much on you, my little remnant.

Speak, evangelize and bless your brethren who are rebellious and deaf to the word of God. I need your help. Seek with all your heart to open their hearts, or else, refusing my word, they will fall ever deeper.

How will they rise up again without help? Do they not know that they are refusing the love of God? And with love they refuse liberation from eternal death. I am still seeking to hold back the hand of my Son, but I assure you that it is not easy. Your brethren do not want to understand how difficult their situation is.

If they lose eternal life, what will come of them? They do not want to renounce the things of this world. They do not know that losing eternity is the most terrible thing that could happen to them. I pray you, dear children, seek to convince with great love these children of mine. I cannot accept their refusals and lose them forever.

In just a little while, things on earth will change. All will turn against you. You will lack essentials and then, if you do not have faith in my Son, what will remain for you? Death, only death will have the last word. But you, do not fear, I will never leave you.

I bless you tenderly.

Mary, Celestial Mother