The Holy Spirit, Paraclete

My Spirit is upon you, upon your families, upon all people for whom you are praying, and upon all my Church. Yes, my dear children, without my Love you would be as if dead. So many of your brethren are deluding themselves, that they can do everything by themselves.

Unfortunately, humanity has many limits and it would be a great thing to seek to “downsize.” My most dear children, I never leave you alone. Without your Creator to guide you, counsel you, enlighten you, you would be truly empty bodies.

My Spirit is life. Your heart knows this very well, but your intellect, at times, leads you far away, makes you dream, and in these moments, in which you feel like masters of the world and of yourselves, the evil one makes you his own and draws you far from Me.

Be docile, humble, respectful of each other. Be truly brothers, children of one Sole Father. My word is truth. Do not fear when you feel confused and helpless, because the ancient serpent discourages you precisely in those moments.

Do not be unprepared. Feed yourselves often with my Body and my Blood, and then there will return to you the security and the certainty that, respecting my laws, you will always be safe. My Church is in danger precisely because it wants to modernize my words, my commandments.

Ensure for yourselves that your path not deviate from my ways, that your thoughts not deviate from my thoughts and that your works be as I myself desire them to be. Remember that my Spirit is your support and rejoice in this, because your God is a God of infinite love.

My dear children, may my blessing descend abundantly upon you and on those who are dear to you.

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete