Mary, Eternal Joy

My dear children, I come to inflame your hearts with the love of God, but I realize that the hearts of my children refuse true love in order to run after the one who is the exact contrary of love.

Open your ears well and, even more, your hearts to the Word of my Son, otherwise it could be too late. Dear children, playing with fire is never befitting. Remember that sooner or later, one burns himself.

I do not want to frighten you today, but I must remind you that there exists a kind of flame that burns the soul, and this is called eternal death. You always cry when you miss someone, but that which is more important is to understand why you mourn.

Pose yourselves this question: for a good Christian, to die to the world means being reborn to eternal life; see, then, that you miss the person who leaves you physically, but that for which you must cry over more must be the thought that the beloved person can lose life eternally.

I want to reflect together with you: the certainty of meriting the forgiveness of God, in the moment of transition, gives us the certainty that death is, in reality, the encounter with He who has given us life. But if we leave this world in grave sin and far from the love of God, then, unfortunately, death will be eternal death.

My dear children, let the Holy Spirit inflame your hearts and then death will cause you less fear. Hell is that which you must avoid. Following God and his law, you will have eternal life as the final prize.

From now on, then, think about death with less sorrow and pouring out fewer tears.

Mary, Eternal Joy