Mary, True Teacher

May the light of my Son shine upon you and upon my Cenacle. Seek to imitate me, bringing this same Light upon your families, upon your friends, and even upon your enemies.

My dear children, do you not understand that you are moving into more complete darkness? How can you find what Jesus wants to give you? Only his Light can illuminate the world. If you depart from Him, you will die in the darkness. Wake up, children, let yourselves be penetrated by the divine Light so that you may be spiritually enriched. Prayer becomes efficacious only if you are enlightened in your mind and in your heart.

Do not let the evil one cover you with his darkness. The things of the world, rather than enriching you, are bringing you to ruin. All the gifts that you have freely received from the Father, you are using in the wrong way.

Love has become a wretched passion, a good job puts you in the place of God, a beautiful voice makes you sing vapid songs, a beautiful body leads you to prostituting yourself. Joy thus disappears from your faces because in your heart it is only Satan who has made himself master of that joy.

My children, place yourselves in service to your brethren with good works. Recover the sense you have lost in comfort, otherwise you will find yourselves ever more in discomfort, in suffering, and in tears.

Use the gifts that God has given you in the right way. Let yourselves be enlightened by the light that brings peace to the heart. I love you; for this reason I desire that you put an end to your grave errors.

Return to being honest and unselfish children, like I have always taught you. I am your true teacher. Listen to me and you will be safe.

Mary, True Teacher