Your Beloved Jesus

As the angel brought greetings to Mary, so I wish to greet you today, my most beloved children. Know that in the greeting in the Trinitarian Name there is always the blessing of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I greet you, my children. I, Jesus, come to you because I wish to bring you all my gifts.

– You who pray without tiring, who pray with the heart, like my Mother has taught you, you who, when you pray your prayers, they are for your most needy brethren, you who have understood that only my Word is Life, Truth, and Way –

My gifts are always directed at the spirit. The world can never offer you what I offer you. I bring you my peace, my love, my joy, true life. I love you so much, dear children, and all that my Father gives to me, I pour back upon each of you abundantly.

The love of the Father is what you you must desire most. He cares for you in every moment, in every instant, if you obey his commands. “The Good Father”: this title belongs only to Him.

All your needs are heard and granted. Your prayers are the jewels that you can offer every day, and you will be satisfied. I am with you especially in these days of sheer confusion and I assure you that my Word will feed you until death. Believe in Me and you will be saved.

You do not need exhaustive explanations, but you need only my Word, which saves. Pray, therefore, with my words and you will not be lost. I am the Truth; do not seek elsewhere.

I bless you today in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity. May my blessing accompany you now and always.

Your beloved Jesus