Mary, Mother of Jesus

My dear children, I bless you through my Son. His Word is one and should not be questioned. It has been said to you: “Whoever is ashamed of Me before men, I will be ashamed of him before my Father.”

Most beloved children, do not discuss topics that have to do with his Word, then. Do not speak of ostentation if one of my children wears around his neck the image of my Son or of me. You belong to Him; do not be ashamed to show his image.

Dear children, how many things you show, how many clothes too short, how many faces reshaped, how many eyes too made-up! Behold, dear children: you are no longer true when you change your personality with all the possible tricks.

Remember, instead, to carry with you always the one who takes care of you, He who has wished and willed you upon this earth, who has loved you by letting himself hang upon that cross in order to reopen the gates of his Kingdom to all his children.

Therefore, not only must you not experience shame in placing around your neck the ultimate Christian symbol, but you must feel feel honored to put on the same cross that has freed you from eternal slavery.

Be glad to adorn your heart with the image of Jesus, your Savior.

I, as a mother, cannot but rejoice in seeing my Son so loved. Do not feel shame in speaking of Him, but bear witness, even with your life, you who belong to Him, the Son of God made man. He has lowered himself for love, only for love.

I bless you, suggesting to you to bear his image always in order not to forget his love.

Mary, Mother of Jesus