The Father of Your Savior

My daughter, “I Am” and I am speaking to you, and many other children of mine, like you, are divulging my Word. Stop playing with fire, you can burn yourselves. These are times of total confusion and you do nothing to change these ways of life.

I am coming to you, I send you Mary and my Son but you continue to turn a deaf ear. I am the Good Father, but do not continue to provoke me, or I will be forced to act in all my justice.

You no longer fear your Father, but, acting thus you do nothing but make matters worse. My Church is demonstrating its failure and you, what are you doing to help my consecrated ones?

You do nothing but subject them to trial, but they need your help now more than ever. Have you not yet understood that Satan is playing all his cards? You are falling like dry leaves under his power.

Be more shrewd, candid like doves but cunning like serpents. This is the last moment to show Satan how strong your faith in God is. Do you not understand that he is intelligent and crafty and puts all his being into making you fall?

Dear children, gaze upon the one who lies helpless in that manger. Jesus has made himself small, humble, and poor for you, to give you his richness, his true love and, for eternity, his Kingdom. And you, how do you respond to his call?

Be more welcoming toward my Son. He, the Son of God, has willed to take upon himself your sins to free you from eternal shadows but you have not understood how great has been his sacrifice for you.

I implore you, see that these last times not be fruitless for your eternal salvation. I bless you.

The Father of your Savior