Mary, Mother Inviolate

My most dear children, Jesus is being born again for you. Open your hearts to him and repent of all your defects. Before that manger reflect long and think about how great has been the sacrifice of my Son for you.

You do not realize that you have been freed from sin in order to be able to recover the good that has been lost. Jesus is the one who has taken upon himself the weight of the Cross.

His cross has been so heavy precisely because in that moment there were present to him all his children. None excluded, all of you are redeemed and freed from the faults inherited from your first parents.

My children, keep reflecting on the fact that none of you would be capable of such love! A love like this is unique and unrepeatable. Recognize for all of this you merit with your good works at least a part of that which you have received on Calvary.

Look to educate your children in doing good for their neighbor and for themselves. You do not yet understand that you are destroying yourselves with your hands, the good has left its place in your hearts to evil, and you no longer fight to regain that which you have lost.

Love, my dear children, love or else all that your prophets have foreseen for you will be fulfilled to your total detriment. Realize that the good, once lost, you can never again be regained.

Recognize your sins, repent bitterly, recognizing fully the evil you have done. Offer sacrifices to God and He, in his infinite goodness, will pardon you of all your faults.

Regain quickly the good sense you have lost. Do not lose yourselves again in confusion and darkness. Seek the good and drive away evil.

Mary, Mother Inviolate