Mary, the Most Holy Gift of Love

Dear children, may the blessing of Jesus descend upon you. I also bless you, your Mamma, and I bring you the joy of the angels. Be pure like these spiritual creatures are; only thus can you live in true joy.

On earth, in these times, you no longer have joy precisely because purity no longer dwells in your hearts, but only wicked passions. Where are my children, those who obey my teachings and put them into practice?

The young, above all, no longer know joy and they live in darkness because of their unorthodox behaviors. They no longer have peace at all but know and use violent means.

Satan has taken their hearts, thus they know only evil, losing forever the freedom that the Lord has given them. Purity of heart is and will always remain the first gift combined with joy.

Dear children, have you ever asked why I, your Mamma, rejoiced at the announcement of the angel? Because my purity of heart allowed me to be happy at this announcement.

For a virgin it was not natural, the announcement of expecting a son. Not knowing man, it was humanly impossible. I, instead, could rejoice in that moment in the serenity that came exactly because of my purity.

Dear children, you too should be free to rejoice. Let your hearts taste true joy. Leave behind judgments, evil thoughts, evil deeds, and omissions, and let joy fill you inside.

May my blessing change your hearts of stone into hearts rich with love. Purity, remember, is the bearer of great joy. Jesus will place joy and peace in your hearts.

Mary, the Most Holy Gift of Love