Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity

I am with you all the days of your life, but do you feel my presence?

Dear children, wake up from the deep sleep into which you have fallen. My voice is perceptible to everyone, but your concerns are quite different.

You need Me. On your own you will no longer be able even to carry out your simplest duties. But how can a creature who has left my hands, and above all my Will, live without oxygen? I am your oxygen, your pure air, but you are getting used to breathing fine dust, which will kill you without your realizing it.

Listen to what I tell you and what I repeat to you at every moment: resume good habits; put prayer in first place, which draws you close to your Creator, and then you will be able to breathe healthy air.

I, your Lord, can and want to give you all that you need, but you have forgotten what it means to love. For this reason, I want to lead you back to prayer, in order to reappropriate true love.

Amongst yourselves as well you have become strangers. You no longer consider yourselves friends between you and, above all, you no longer recognize the Father – the Son – and the Holy Spirit as Trinitarian Love.

Remember, dear children, every kind of love comes from the Most Holy Trinity, but you, no longer recognizing yourselves as children of God, have lost the true knowledge of love. See, then, the defeat of marriages, of the family, of society.

I pray you, open yourselves to the spiritual voice that is in you. Do not be proud, but feel yourselves needful of the one who is speaking with you. I will recognize you as my children.

I bless you. I tell you again, wake up from this satanic slumber.

Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity