Jesus, Son of God

Dear children, how much bitterness I see in your hearts! I, the Son of God, want to fill them with the Holy Spirit. Be strong, because the times to come, you will only be able to overcome them with the strength that comes from heaven.

I tell you these things so that what should arrive will not find you unprepared. You are our beloved children; we will protect you in every way but you must be strong. Keep yourselves always united to Us with prayer and with the love that distinguishes you precisely because you belong to God.

I lead you. Every step of yours is sustained by Me, otherwise your falls would become mortal.

Sins in the world are increasing infinitely. The young have lost the innocence that sets them apart, the old no longer are able to hold the reins, fathers and mothers have taken the place of “friends” for their children and therefore no longer teach in the correct way.

You, my children, must give witness with the example that what God wants is exactly the opposite of their behavior. I ask your help, children who listen to me. For this reason, chase away from your hearts the feeling of bitterness. Sweeten your minds in order to help my children who are going astray.

The devil, unfortunately, is playing his cards well precisely because he finds people weak and hungry from mistaken diversions. While filling the emptiness of their hearts, your brethren open the gates to he who tricks with his lies.

You know that with prayer and offerings you will be able to beat back his enticements and I, precisely for this reason, ask your help. Beautiful souls, listen to me and make of my Word a life lesson.

I love you. The whole Trinity is with you and guides your steps. Be serene and full of healthy enthusiasm. I bless you.

Jesus, Son of God