Mary, the Blessed among Women

My dear children, I am in your midst to help you pray for all my children. Bless often those who are near to you and do not curse. Cursing comes always and only from Satan.

Bless first your Father, since only from Him can you receive all that you desire. Then, bless the Son; from that Cross you are all blessed and saved. Finally, bless the Holy Spirit, who never leaves you for a moment.

Blessings are precious gifts. Make use of them without measure, enrich those dear to you but also those who, because of your faith, do not love you. I am She who blesses in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit dwell in Me and I bring them to you.

Bless, my dear children. Never before as in this moment do you need to be blessed. In the name of Jesus you can invoke all the graces you need. The best way to enrich your family and all those dear to you are blessings, which you receive freely from God.

I bless you at every turn, I enrich you with all the graces that can profit your salvation. Curses are ways that lead to hell.

Do not curse, dear children. At times you do not realize how much evil such a curse can do, but I assure you that it is an evil that in the long run becomes incurable.

Therefore, multiply your blessings, beginning with your little ones. Be merciful, love, bless, call upon the name of God. For Him, nothing is impossible. Entrust yourself to Him with great faith. Only by believing in Him, and blessing with his love, will you be sheltered from satanic attacks.

I squeeze you all in one embrace.

Mary, the Blessed among Women