The Father Almighty

My daughter, remember: no one is a prophet in his own country. I tell you this so that your sufferings not be an obstacle to you. These times, without you, my new apostles of peace, would never again see the Light.

Pray, my children, and put into practice all that you learn from our Word. I, your Father, prompt you from heaven to follow my ways. You remain but few; We are those “emeritus” unknown by so many of your brethren.

We can count on a small number of obedient children. For this reason, like in the times of Jesus, you will be persecuted and derided. Be strong; We will always be with you. We will suggest to you the words that your brethren must hear if they want to merit eternal life.

For this reason, we pray you listen very attentively to that which we will suggest to you in the times to come.

Let prayer always be on your lips and in your heart. Let charity not ever be lacking for all those whom we will place before you on the way. Let your steps always serve to help those whom we will draw near to you along the voyage.

Be obedient to our teachings, encourage those who live in the fear of tomorrow, help those who do not profess your faith to take up our ways. We from heaven will not abandon any of our chilren but we count on you and on your help.

If they do not listen to you, do not lose patience and do not become despondent. Remember, you are only our little hands on the earth. Whoever listens to you will be saved, not by your merits but by our mercy.

Awaken those who are sleeping, because these times are to be lived intensely. Let our blessing descend upon you.

The Father Almighty