Mary, Mother of the Crucified

My children, so dear to me, when the Consoler comes trials will cease and each of you will finally have what you merit. Seek to live in the law of God and you will not have anything whereof to complain or suffer.

The law of God is truth. Let the laws of the world claim their victims. Do not listen to the word of men. There is no perfection on the earth.

I educate you with the Word of my Son and if you would listen to me, things would change and all would resolve itself in the best way. However, too many of you do not entrust yourselves to the Holy Spirit and prefer to place their lives in the hands of sorcerers and charlatans.

Do you not understand, my dear children, that only the Creator knows your needs? Why is it easier for you to believe in the word of charlatans?

I am your Mother; I can help you because I console you and guide you with the Word of the Gospel. Do not submit to what humanity teaches. Not even scientists can know that which God has created for you.

Be more attentive and trust only those who live in the law of God. Be more attentive, for evil is taking the place of good and the laws of God are taking second place. Only if you are faithful to the Word of God will you find the door of the Kingdom of God open for you.

Pray, dear children. I am with you. Those dear to you need your witness; they cannot content themselves with mere words. Bless your God and give thanks from now on for all that he promises to all children of good will. Be firm in the faith. I bless you; may the sign of the Cross always be your standard.

Mary, Mother of the Crucified