Mary, Eternal Joy

My dear children, peace to you and to all my children of good will. Today I want to speak to you of eternal rest. I imagine what you are thinking and I see upon your faces a veil of sadness.

My children, you cannot know what a marvelous thing rest is, true rest! You know that when one speaks of eternity your reaction is always of sadness. I love you and wish for you from the bottom of my heart that you all be able to savor the beauty of such rest.

Your human body causes fatigue for you at every movement to which you submit it. It will no longer be thus; you will live a new life without fatigue. You will always be fresh, you will always be young, you will always be rested and happy as never before.

Eternity means “for ever” and this word causes you fear because you do not understand ultimately what this word represents. Always to be well should fill your hearts with joy, but you cannot understand this feeling until you are ready to know it completely.

“For ever” is to live the moment in its totality. Time no longer ticks away, the hours and the night will leave behind the darkness. All will be light, warmth, and infinite beauty. But how can you imagine all this if on the earth day is always followed by night?

My dear children, prepare yourselves to enjoy what eternity will offer you. You will no longer have fatigue, you will no longer need a watch to rule your life. Divine Light will be your sun and your spirit will enjoy eternal rest. Therefore, beginning from today, when you think about this kind of rest rejoice. Begin to see it as I have just illustrated what is eternal.

From eternity I bless you and I pray for you and your true rest.

Mary, Eternal Joy