Mary, Mother of Love

My dear children, call upon me – Mother – and I will come to you. The duty of a mother is first of all to love her children unconditionally. Listen to me today, it is your Mother who speaks to you to instruct you about the days in which you are living.

Do not fear, because whoever believes in Me and in my most beloved Son is in sure hands. Let nothing disturb you, because your destinies are in our hands.

Love, first of all, as I am teaching you and remember that love heals, purifies, blesses, forgives. See, now put into practice these suggestions.

Love heals; yes, I tell you, so many ills originate from non-love. The heart suffers, the spirit that is within you suffers, and then your body pays for these sufferings.

If you love you will be purified, blessed, and forgiven by my Son and your life will change. Bless and do not curse. Jesus has taught you from the wood of the Cross. The blessings that you send to your brethren will return to you doubly.

After blessings, forgiveness will be automatic. As you forgive, in the same way will you be forgiven. My dear children, you will savor true joy in this way, because my Son will be with you.

Whoever lives in love will enjoy every earthly and spiritual good. Smiles will abound on your mouths and the peace that you will have in the depths of your heart will invade even your brethren who will draw near to you.

Remember that the love of Jesus will never pass away. His Word assures you every time you make it your own. Whoever lives in love will need to fear nothing. Jesus says: “Love one another as I have loved you; from this they will recognize that you are my children” (Jn 13,34-35).

I bless you, my dear children. Love – love – love, and you will be saved.

Mary, Mother of Love