Jesus, your Jesus

I do not want your life, I want your heart. Have I not perhaps told you not to undergo chemo? You have obeyed me only halfway.

It is now that you finally understand what it means to give oneself to Me, to entrust yourself totally. I am the Life, no one else. I am joy, I am eternity.

Offer yourself, then, again for the youth, this time seriously. Now you have understood what it means to give oneself. Give me totally your heart, your soul, your mind, all of yourself for the youth, and I will listen to you.

Let yourself love. From this help will come to you. Come and follow me, leave the world to those who love the world. You are only mine. I have formed you in my image and likeness. I want you only for Me. Listen to Me well, because only whoever has ears to hear me, will hear.

I have chosen you and have always left you the freedom to follow me or not. Now, finally, you understand what it means to have faith. Until you give me your heart, you do not have faith.

Now you and I are one with my Father. Finally you have let me enter. Now, yes, you are my “holy temple.” My daughter, seek to make your brethren understand that I am Love. I do not want the death of my children, but life.

Now go, do my will and your life, then, will totally change. I love you and soon I will descend among you with my Mother. I offer you my heart. Whoever wants to can enter. To whoever does my will will belong my Kingdom. I love you.

Jesus, your Jesus