Mary, Mother of the Church

Greetings, my dear children. You remember me in this time, in my feasts and apparitions, and so I ask you: open to me your hearts, so that I may fill them with the blessings of my Son. Now more than ever must you draw close to the Holy Eucharist.

Without the life that Jesus gives with his Body, you will perish. Yes, my children, true life is not that of the body, but rather spiritual life that never ends. Just as you nourish your mortal body, all the more must you nourish the Spirit, who will allow you to enter into eternal life.

Dear children, the love that God has for you is incommensurable. Seek to merit this great love. Fight against Satan, who never leaves you alone, who wants to destroy humanity – and you often let him do it.

Do not listen to him in temptations. Resist him. What he shows you as desirable is exactly what opens to you the gates of hell.

My children, make sure it is not too late. Run to me more often. My Son listens to and blesses your requests, above all when they are made from the bottom of your hearts.

Pray before his Body, adore Him, expose to Him your difficulties. He will hear you above all if what you ask is for the good of your families. Dear children, the family has been put to hard trial. Within it there is no more disinterested love. There is no more unity, for lack of love.

I tell you, you are still in time. Entrust to me your young ones; pray for them, otherwise they will have no future. I love you, I intercede for you, but you, mothers, above all, offer to me sacrifices for your children and I promise you that you will not remain disappointed.

I love you, I bless you, I press you to my Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Church