Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth

Yes, my daughter, I want it! Perhaps this is the first time I dare affirm my will, but certainly my Son will allow it. I want, my dearly beloved children, I want that you all be saved.

You will have many trials, but if I will not have you with love, I will consider you for exhaustion [unclear]. You mothers understand me; in well-being, one nearly finds only sin. I will not hold back for much longer the arm of Jesus, and He, with his Father, will act. They will respond to you as you want. Love seems not to touch you, but touching your pockets, perhaps you will respond to the attack. Everything has been given to you – mercy, well-being – but your response is always the same: to take the place of God.

Your humility has lost, in its departure, its power and your “I” has taken over. It seems to have completely won and for precisely this reason, now you will demonstrate just how little your humanity is worth without respect for and trust in God.

You are poor creatures at the mercy of satan. All that he has given you in deception he is taking back, and how do you respond? See why I, today, affirm that “I want.” I want to save the life of all my children. I want that satan be destroyed with all his evils. I want that all of you, after various and well-earned sufferings, recover yourselves and the love of God. Nature is revolting against you. It is giving back the poisons that it has endured up to this point, but time is short, and the whole firmament will once again shine like on its first day. The hands of God will remodel the whole universe.

I will bless you every moment of the day and night. Trust in your Most Holy Mother. Entrust to me your families, your parishes. Pray incessantly for the Holy Father and for the whole Church. Even sufferings will pass and my Heart will finally triumph.

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth