Jesus, Most Perfect

Your guardian angels are close to you. Be aware of your guardians, pray to them from the morning on, because they are your mediators between heaven and earth. Let them guide you above all in these times of confusion.

They guide you from your birth and they know every little desire of yours, every sorrow, every joy. Call upon them and then listen to their suggestions.

I have given them to you as your own true help. They intercede before Me and before the Father for every one of your needs, and they are happy when, in your behalf, they can offer us prayers, sacrifices, and requests than can improve your way of life.

Your angels are close to you and accompany you as true friends and protectors. They are grateful to the Father because each one of you has the certainty of not being alone for even one minute. My dear children, I will not abandon you to yourselves, above all before the difficulties that you must face every day.

They are your loyal friends. Walk securely next to them. Call more often during the day upon these assiduous companions of yours and you will see your days hued with optimism and goodness toward He who has given them to you from the beginning until your last breath.

They are your advocates and they plead your cause in sincerity and truth. I love you, and my Mother calls upon them to help you overcome whatever problem you may have, in particular in your spiritual insecurities.

Be generous with your guardian angels, give them offerings and prayers so that they can joyfully call upon the Father with full hands, overflowing with your gratitude.

Be glad, my dearest children, and from now on you will not feel alone anymore. I have thought of you perfectly. Only my angels can intercede for you together with my Mother. I bless you.

Jesus, Most Perfect