Mary, Mother, Bringer of Joy

My dearest children, welcome to my cenacle. So many families take part in my cenacles, little churches. You know well that prayer is the bread of life. If you continue to nourish yourselves with this bread, you will hunger no more.

I am with you. I feel the beating of your hearts and this assures me that you are living in the laws of God. Listen to your hearts and life will be more acceptable for you in every way of seeing things.

My children, do not be surprised by all the negativity that will be shown to you in the times to come. You know very well that the ancient serpent is disturbing even your dreams, not content to tempt you throughout the arc of the day.

I tell you, fear not. If you continue to nourish yourselves with prayer, you will be protected by all the angels of heaven. I am here with you and I exhort you not to fall into temptation. Be for your brethren figures to imitate.

At times a smile is enough to bring peace back into afflicted hearts. Prayer is joy, never forget it. If you have Jesus in your heart and his eternal love, how can you fear?

Be imitable creatures. The world will be able to smile only if it recovers joy and you can reconquer joy only with prayer. Listen, then, to my voice. Love even and especially those who are incapable of love, otherwise your merits will be reduced.

Children of my Love, I love you and will never leave you. Ask – I am here to listen to your requests. Fear not – you have a Mother who loves you. I want to see joy on your faces, reason for hope in God.

I bless you and promise you my special protection.

Mary, Mother, Bringer of Joy