Sorrowful Mary

My dear daughter, my tears will purify your weaknesses. I am your mother and will not let the ancient serpent rob your souls. I pray you to listen from the bottom of your heart to these messages of mine.

Time is running short and so, I beg you, repent. Hell exists and is open for all of my children who are obstinate sinners. For a brief period of time on earth do you want to lose eternity? Reflect, think well about what you are going after!

Money, I say to the rich, will no longer serve you. Fame, I say to those who think themselves more beautiful and talented than others, will no longer serve you. And you, scientists, what have you discovered if you do not then know your Creator?

Dear children, become small again, open your hearts to He who wants to make you the gift of eternity. Seek the love of God before it’s too late. I beg you, do not lose your life through ignorance or disobedience. You will pay a price too high.

I always intercede for you, but who among you asks Me for the gift of gifts?

Dear children, how much bitterness you are giving me. Few of you lighten the load of sins. Pray and make others pray, otherwise it could be too late.

Jesus has given you all of Himself and you are not capable of giving even a small part of yourselves. Pray more and do it from the bottom of your heart. You will understand that entertainments, ephemeral joys, reaching the goals that you set, will not bring you to that which has the most value, “Life.”

My children, do not tire of bearing witness, if asked, even by giving your life. Remember that with God your will live for “Ever.” Let my blessing open your hearts to love for the Most Holy Trinity.

Sorrowful Mary