Mary, the Rebuilder

My dear children, may the blessing of my Son descend upon you on the day in which you remember the gift of my medal. Let it be a help to you in your prayers. It Is truly miraculous for those who use it to have graces.

My Son encircles you with love. He has shown you this in every way. He has given so many prayers of entrustment. He is always with you even if, at times, you do not sense him as you would like. He is with you, always and forever.

I, the mother of humanity, have given him to you and do you understand how much it has cost me to give him to you? How much pain has touched and been received in our heart, how many ungrateful children, still today offending our names with blasphemies!

Dear children, reform your ways, because time is drawing near and only prayer can brighten your existence. Let my medal guard you. Use it always in difficult moments. You know well that my heart is always open to your requests.

Today, pray above all for peace in the world. Too many catastrophes are destroying your planet precisely because there is no more love among you. Without love you will never find peace, and peace you will only find in asking it of God.

Pray much for all the Church. It has been offended and degraded by the majority of my children and I can no longer hold back the powerful hand of your Father.

My dear children, go more often into your parishes. Visit Jesus who has become solitary and needy of all your affection. Go every day to visit Him and you will see the purification of the whole world.

Let my medal give you the certitude of my eternal love for you.

Mary, the Rebuilder