The Child Jesus, True Life

If you respond to my invitation, it means that you have understood what “salvation” means.

My dear children, I love you and I will not allow you to face any evil. It is true that the times are not the best, but the demon will not win. He is certainly sowing much confusion, but do you know why? Because he knows that, for him, these are the last acts of wickedness.

My children, do not be frightened, do not allow him to enter your hearts. Entrust to me your families, your priests, your politicians, because the evil spirit is very tricky and shows you evil as if it were good.

Holy Christmas has passed, but so many of my children have celebrated something else entirely. I watch over you from that manger, but those who look upon me are truly few. I want to tell you this because each of you has the power to see and hear me.

Let my Word never be missing from your homes. Without my Word, you would remain in total ignorance. I suggest to you all that serves you to be able to live like Christians. If you do not follow Christ, how can you call yourselves Christians?

Follow me, dear children, in these last and difficult times. I will restore you. Fear not, you daughter of Zion, accept my teachings and let them transform into Daily Bread for all souls, whom I continue to place in your streets.

It is difficult, I know, very difficult, but in the end my children will understand that Salvation is only in Me. I know that you suffered much some days ago, but I was with you. You know that you must not expect to gather but when you, all of you, are close to Me, your return will become a true oasis of peace.

I want all of you with me. For this I ask you to offer me the sufferings that are consuming you. I love you very much. I will give eternal life, and for those who will believe only at the end, I will reserve sweet and tender surprises.

I am here with you. My poverty is all in that manger. Your riches will begin as soon as you understand that your God is a God of love. I am watching over you. Give me your hearts – I will fill them with eternal life.

The Child Jesus, True Life