Mary, Mother of God

Mary, the Mother of God, is with you. In this Christmastime, where one remembers, in addition to the birth of my Son, even my Divine Maternity, I want to be close to each one of you, my dear, adored, obedient children.

Your prayers are my strength. Only with your offerings can I present myself to the Father and ask supplications for my children who are the furthest from the love of God.

My dear children, perhaps you are not yet aware of how much your spiritual helps are indispensable. My distant children can shorten the time of their conversion thanks only to you, who fill my hands with fragrant offerings to place into the hands of God.

Be always more generous in the certainty that that which you are offering now will return to you full in that blessed day in which you can see Jesus in all his splendor. Be ever closer to me; without your Mother you will be poor orphans.

I love you and I place in your hands good works. My love will spur you on to work always in the best ways. If in these days, you have tasted, together with joys, many sufferings, it is certainly not by accident.

You know how many young people lose themselves behind false truths? Do not hope to see this, but thanks to your sufferings, some of them can return to their origin of hope, of love, of faith only in God.

Poor young ones, they hand themselves over to satan more today than ever. Almost none of them are concerned with their sins against the Holy Spirit.

Their parents are almost always absent. They think only of filling their pockets with money that serves to provide them with drugs, with smoke, and not rarely, to have sex for payment. These things, however, are the amusements of your children.

Thanks to your offerings, I alone see clearly all these. Give back to me, hand over to me your children, or their eternal loss will be the worst punishment. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of God