Mary, Help of Sinners

My dear children, for so long have I been instructing you! Now the moment has come to put into practice what I have been repeating to you for all this time. I repeat it to you: be calm, because what must happen will happen.

Your Father has made his decision and his Kingdom will come. My dear children, you must make all my children who live in the most total ignorance aware of all that I have told you.

I count on you who have been putting all my teachings into practice already for some time. Behold, the times of your Father are on their way, a way getting shorter, and all the must happen will happen. You are in the “times.”

So many of my children will convert thanks precisely to your witness. I guide you; what is important is that you do not get distracted. Pray and make others pray, so that God, your Father, get you back as only He knows how.

Convert and believe in the Gospel and all will seem more bearable for you. Trials will come all the closer, one after the other, but you will have time to live through them in the most complete justice.

Open wide your eyes because I ask you, more than ever, to help me. Be always sincere in speaking. Recommend obedience, because only by obeying the Word of God will you have salvation.

Educate your young ones, above all in drawing close to confession. Only by asking for pardon sincerely will you be pardoned. I am with you. Ask my help. I am your Mother and will never abandon you.

I bless you and protect you.

Mary, Help of Sinners