Mary, Mother of Jesus

Thanks to my obedient children! Your faith will save you. Be always united. Pray, pray, pray in the certitude that I am always with you and you will be saved from every impurity.

The world in this moment is in confusion and the the devil plays with my children like a dog with its master. But he, unfortunately, does not love like animals do. He amuses himself only to bring my children into ignorance, into the depths of hell.

I pray you, my most beloved children, continue, with prayer, to obey my Son Jesus. They are putting him on the cross for the umpteenth time, but now he suffers much, much more for his children.

Theirs is a hate very different than that of the times of the Passion. In those times there was much more ignorance because, Jesus being unknown, they struggled to see the Second Person of the Trinity in that man rich only in humility.

My children, today you can touch with your hands the love of God. Jesus does nothing else than love his children with miracles of every kind. I assure you that if Jesus did not love you so immensely, you would all be in a thousand difficulties.

Certainly, you do not merit all this love of his, but you can enjoy it only through his immense generosity. The goodness of God has no measure, but human wickedness has reached the maximum. If there is no sincere repentance in your hearts, you can forget eternal life.

Dear children, love without measure and you will merit all the love that my Son has promised you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus