Jesus, Your Consoler

I tell you, my so beloved priests, be good shepherds for my sheep, for you will have to account for your actions before my Most Holy Father. My flock is slowly losing its way and you, where are you?

Seek to put order into my church. Be clear in speaking and in meditating on my Word, so that those who listen to you might enrich their spirit.

You know well that these times you are living through are very difficult and my children are being lost. They fall little by little, like dead leaves. Speak clearly about hell, so that each of your listeners meditate and choose salvation.

I love you. I have consecrated all of you to my Heart from the Cross; do not disappoint me. The times are growing shorter as they go on. Be always ready to forgive my children when they run to your confessionals. I am there to be able to forgive all faults and, above all, the most grave sins.

And you, my dear children, love your priests and pray for them and for all their needs. The house of my Father awaits all of you, because after the tribulation will come complete joy, that joy that no one can ever take away from you again.

Desire Paradise with all your heart. Respond positively to my commandments and you will be rewarded with eternal life.

Dear children, love my Mother. Make her tears a purifying wash for all your acts of disobedience. I, Jesus, Son of the Living God bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, Your Consoler