Mary, Always Present

May my blessing descend upon you. My cenacle today burns with love for Me and for Jesus. We are with you and we implore the Father, so that our children be able to recuperate after having gone through difficult days.

You know very well that only with prayer will you be able to take your lives in your hands. You prize liberty more now. You have understood that everything comes from God, even if they would want to make you believe exactly the opposite.

God has made you free, and free to choose between good and evil. I believe, my children, that these limits that have put your quiet living in jeopardy serve, at least in part, to make you understand how much your Lord loves you in giving you freedom.

I repeat: do not waste this gift, now that you have proven how difficult it is to live as the heads of the world impose and pretend. Be strong in the conviction that only God, who knows each and all, can offer true, holy, and just liberty.

Pray, my children. Be strong in the certitude that Jesus is always with you and will bring you into his Kingdom, where you will be able to enjoy the most precious good, pure and holy liberty.

Pray that these sinister trials might end soon. Your Father hears you and will make of your pains joy, delight, liberty, and forgiveness.

I promise you that I will still intercede for you. Do not grow anguished, but believe in the love of God. Enrich your life with prayer and joy will take its place in your hearts and fill your souls.

Mary, Always Present