Mary, Lady of Love

Peace to you, my dear children. I often ask myself, do you all know the true meaning of the word “love”? You must not confuse human love with divine love. My Son has amply demonstrated to you what it means to love.

If you do not accept all that you are living through as a simple trial, you will not be able to understand what the true meaning of love is.

Suffering is never separated from joy precisely because, by accepting suffering in the name of Jesus and as He himself has shown you in the most difficult trial, suffering itself becomes a proof of love in its most total and concrete meaning.

Dear children, accept all trials that come, emulating your Savior. In suffering, seek always an offering, because it is in offering that one demonstates true love. These times offer you thousands and thousands of possibilities to demonstrate true love.

Do not let yourselves ever be taken in by fear. Live every trial in the name of Jesus and from this you will gain the opportunity to demonstrate how great love is on the spiritual level.

It would seem impossible, to most, that from the height of that Cross, hate is transformed into the greatest proof of love.

Dear children, never forget the example given to you by Jesus. I pray for you, so that you might be able to confront every trial in the joy of offering.

My dear children, pray more with ardor, and ardor will bring you to prove true love. Never doubt our love for you. I bless you.

Mary, Lady of Love