Mary, Co-Redemptrix

My such beloved children, my presence among you is living and true. Believe and you will see the glory of God.

You are all so tired that I no longer recognize you. I tell you: never let prayer go missing, otherwise, you will lose all point of reference.

Dear children, how can you live without us? Do not let the Eucharist go missing, otherwise you will die. Your life depends on your Father but if you draw far from Him more every day, it could be too then too late.

The church is showing what ‘agony’ means. Help me, children, otherwise there will come days that are too hard. I do not want to see you suffering too much.

Do not bind my hands with your ‘no.’ If you do not strengthen yourselves with prayer, you will no longer be able to regain peace and liberty. You cannot live without God – let this be clear to you – do not waste more time with ephemeral things. Afterward, it could be too late.

Jesus listens your hearts. So many of you live already in tears. Do not turn a deaf ear. Repent, I tell you. Help each other in prayer. Offer your sufferings if you still want to receive gifts and graces from heaven.

Help each other. This is the time of trial and you cannot overcome it without prayer and goodwill for your brethren. Love each other as God loves you and then you will be able to hope in his forgiveness and his graces.

Dear children, I bless you. Bring my blessing and that of Jesus to your dear ones.

Mary, Co-Redemptrix