Mary, Help of Christians

Have no fear, because your Mother is here, with you. Let us together praise God the Father, who forgives all his children who are able to ask forgiveness. There is no need to draw far from Him, not even when you feel like traitors.

You know well that you have a Father always ready to forgive, provided your repentance is sincere. Let confession help you find again true joy through grace.

My dear children, you are in a state of total confusion, btu always remember to put in first place the Blessed Trinity. Jesus is suffering much for you. His Church leaves something to be desired. His priests need now, more than every, your prayers.

You know very well that the devil is playing his last hand and desires only to bring you to himself. My children, help my consecrated ones with prayer, such that they might find again, with clarity, the way that leads to Us.

Each of you needs to pray to the Father that his Church find again the way that has been lost. Offer the holy Rosary. Present your prayers with love and you will see that many situations grow clear.

I am with you. Never tire of giving witness with your life. I desire that you present to Jesus the names of your priests, one by one, and you will see there actions change, finding clarity in all their works.

My dear children, I bless you. Bring to them my maternal love. May Jesus be with all of you and accompany you in finding again peace on His way.

Mary, Help of Christians