Mary, Mother of Mercy

Yes, I tell you – Be calm, because the Lord is with you. Dear children, listen to your Mother, who loves you and would never want your suffering. I tell you, rather, pray more and realize that your times are decisive for eternal life.

I always seek to console you in sadness and to encourage you when your spirit is lower in tone. If you truly believe, be cheerful; live in the love of God, think that, for you, there will certainly come true times, that is, times in which you will no longer remember the negativity of your world made only of poor humanity.

Be joyful, bring joy wherever you go. Show your brethren, above all those non believing, that whoever lives in the Light of God does not let sadness win.

Jesus is Life – the Truth and the Life – and you take part in eternal life. My dear children, the best way to live in joy is that which is perfect, the form of the way that leads to heaven.

Imitate your creator with your thoughts, words, and above all with works, and you will never have anything to envy in others.

Jesus cures your souls, protects them, and defends them from the evil one. It is not thus for those who live a sinful life and one far from the Creator. I love you so much and will not let my obedient children live in anguish and sadness.

Dear children, seek not to cross out of Catholic boundaries. Let my children live within the Word of God. Do not be deceived: outside of the Light there exists only darkness, that darkness that renders [all] blind and sad for you. I will continue to show you the true way.

Mary, Mother of Mercy