Your Consoled Mother

My daughter, I am with you. Your sorrows are also mine. Help me, because, even for Me, every day becomes more unbearable. How many of my children are doing me wrong! You can understand me: they are destroying me, but I also have children like you who share my terrible unease.

Pray, dear daughter, and then have others pray. These days are terrible. My Son is suffering more than when he was hung from the cross.

You cannot understand how much Satan is harvesting victims. He gives them what they desire, but before they can enjoy these goods, he destroys them by making them his own.

Pray, because time is drawing to a close and I do not see many conversions. My daughter, now, more than ever, do I need you. Offer me all your unease. I will bring it to Jesus and He himself will give you the strength to overcome even the most sorrowful trials.

You have known already for some time what must happen, but now that you have lost your liberty, you must recognize that what we have been anticipating is coming to completion.

Do not let up. Be strong, because Jesus does not leave you alone, not even for a moment. Pray and fast. Only thus will you be able to help so many of your brethren who are falling into the abyss.

I implore you, continue to offer me all your sorrows and I will bring them to Jesus, who will offer them to his Father to count against all the sins that are committed daily on earth.

Be certain that your victory will arrive when you least expect it. Let us pray, let us praise the Holy Spirit who protects you in every moment of the day. I embrace you and bless you.

Your Consoled Mother