Your Crucified Jesus

Your Crucified Jesus is here with you. Pray, dear children, that the justice of my Father come closer to the whole world by leaps and bounds. My two thieves must teach you something.

Pay attention. Repent so that you be in time, otherwise, everything will, for you, turn into eternal suffering. I am suffering so much. My Mother is more sorrowful than ever but my angels never tire of being close to each of you, to guide you on the right way.

My dear children, how is it that you do not understand that you are committing grave sins against the Trinity and against your Most Holy Mother? I can do nothing but suggest to you a loyal repentance that comes from a heart full of sorrow for all the sins you have committed.

The greatest majority of you humans offends the Creator for having, with greatest ease, all the comforts that the world offers.

You have not yet understood that soon all will finish and that earth that you have offended will swallow and cast into hell all my children who have not wanted to recognize me as their “All.”

To suffer forever the pains of hell will be their punishment. Pray for those brethren of yours who need repentance to be able to ask pardon. We invite you to offer some sacrifice in their favor.

I thank you and will give you the strength to resist that which will bring you sorrows and tears. I bless you from my Cross.

Your Crucified Jesus