Mary, Mother of Jesus

My dear children, today I want to bless all of your families. Always remember that everything, good or not, is born out of the family. You, mothers, love your children and you, fathers, educate your children, above all by giving them good example.

Often, you dear children of mine, even in old age, remember the words that your parents repeated to you. It goes without saying that if good seed is sown, good fruit will come.

In your families one no longer sees love, true love, for Jesus and all the good that Jesus gives you. Think well before educating your children. Don’t be in a hurry when you see that they need you, your counsels, your love.

Don’t tell them “I don’t have time now.” Remember that the children who have been given to you from on high and that one day must return on high, come before everything else.

Educate them, first of all, on a spiritual level. If they love God with respect, they will thus love their neighbor. Take example from Jesus; he has given his life for all his children, leaving all the rest for later.

The young need good guides to be able to become them for their children. It is not hard to teach in the right way; obeying the word of God, you will always go ahead securely. Love your children; if necessary, always take them back with love and you will certainly have good results.

Pray before words come out of your mouth, because errors could cost you too much the second time around. Pray together in your families and you will see that your words come out correctly, in the right moment.

I embrace you maternally.

Mary, Mother of Jesus