Jesus, Who Died in Order to Rise

Dear children, your Jesus begins to live among people. He is not always welcome, but rather he is often derided and vilified. But he does not, for this reason, love his children less.

I tell you this so that you might understand that in the times to come, you must not love your brethren less who do not show themselves to be such with you. Goodness, charity, love, often do not go hand in hand on earth.

I tell you, love your enemy if you want to bear witness to my love. I have always shown to whoever seeks to deride me, that my Father has sent me among you, to make you know true love.

The times in which you are living are certainly not the best and, for this reason, you must demonstrate that where there is love, there will be peace.

Be benevolent with all. Help whoever needs you. Do not let your distraction avoid good and do evil. Be perfect as He who has sent me is perfect.

Love always and do not hate, because you will know disappointment and bitterness. You know well that my end would have been the Cross, but, my children, you will know my love if you are ready to embrace the cross as soon as it is presented to you.

The ancient serpent still uses falsehood today to make you fall into his snares. Be shrewd. In temptation run right away to prayer. Entrust your problems to my Mother and yours. be calm and sure that, near us, you are always safe.

Bear patiently whoever does not demonstrate love to you and your prize will be the beatific vision in heaven.

Jesus, Who Died in Order to Rise