Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

My children, why do you doubt? I am always with you. I always urge you when you lie down too much. These are not the times for rest. You must act, you must build, you must spend your energies so that a tomorrow, not long from now, the second coming of my Son, may be accepted, desired, wanted by all his children.

I need your help, this is why I do not leave you for a moment. Even if you do not see me physically, spiritually my place is near each one of you. I ask for prayers without ceasing; only with prayer can we make amends for the many sins that are committed on this troubled earth.

There is no more breath for your planet and its inhabitants. Too many distractions carry you where my Son would not have you. The churches are empty, but the places of false entertainment are filling up day and night. This is why the offenses against Jesus and against my Immaculate Heart increase day by day.

Dear children, there will come a day in which you be will informed. You will be able to see and feel how much our hearts are suffering. Make sure that it is not too late for your conversion.

Believe me when I tell you that your Father is offended beyond measure. His hand will act. His justice, then, will triumph and each of my children will have that which he merits, eternal prize or pain.

If I ask your help it is only because I cannot allow that so many of my beloved children be damned. Pray with greater conviction. Be more attentive when you mention the name of God. Your lips should be pure when they utter this most Holy Name.

Prayer will heal many souls, and you will be able to enjoy many merits. I bless you, my children. Be obedient and joy will enter your hearts.

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord