Mary, Full of Grace

Mary, Full of Grace, is with you. I greet you, I bless you, I thank you because you have joined this cenacle.

My dearly beloved children, the clock is ticking its last, then all will finish according to the will of our Father. I will be with you until the end. Fear not, because in the moment of sorrow I will be with you.

If I did not help you, you would not succeed in overcoming the trials that await you. You know well that your evil behavior calls down upon all humanity the judgment of God.

My Son and I are still holding back the hand of the Father, who will act. Therefore, live serenely. Think about that the end of all the evil that afflicts you is not far. Jesus offers to God all your prayers and I intercede for you uninterruptedly.

You have understood that prayer is the key that opens the heart of God. Be shrewd; pray day and night and your Father who is in heaven will reduce the penalties that you merit with your numerous sins.

Your prayers do not go unheard. We are preparing for the Passover of my Son. He has suffered immensely to reopen the gates of Paradise, but it seems that the majority of his children have forgotten all of this.

I, therefore, come to find you who believe in Easter. I rely upon you and your offerings for your non-believing brethren. May you be blessed, children of hope, you and your families.

Never miss out on the nourishment that you have in life; only Jesus can nourish you for eternal life. Evangelize without shame because the Word of God, being truthful, will punish those who are ashamed of announcing his Kingdom.

My dear children, love one another, because only in love and for love will the plan of God be accomplished. Courage, I tell you. You are all under my maternal protection.

Mary, Full of Grace