Mary, Mother of Jesus

My such beloved children, my angels make for me a crown and I am present among you. Remember always that prayer revives your hearts and is beneficial for all your brethren.

Pray, in this Lent, in particular for those children who offend Jesus with their foul language and every sort of brutish word. Be generous toward those who are in need, above all on a spiritual level.

Be always ready to help corporal needs, but for the spiritual part, in particular in these times of offense for us, be ready to dedicate your time daily.

Jesus is suffering much, above all for the offenses that come to Him like blows of a pistol; even toward me there arrive only imprecations and brutal words. Your offenses jump to heaven like lightning bolts and, for this reason, your prayers must become more numerous.

Ask and it will be given. You need so much of our presence because Satan is tempting you with every kind of offer. Do not let yourselves be manipulated by him. You will receive only negativity and offenses.

I am near you. Ask me to intervene for all of your non-believing brethren and your Father will be able to pardon all the offenses of his far-gone children.

My children, offer all your sufferings and you will have, in exchange, conversions and acts of repentance for your loved ones. I am ready to listen to every request of yours and Jesus will pardon sinners. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus