Mary, Most Holy

My dear children, how I want to carry you all into joy, but for the moment, you must still live in your world, imperfect and made dark by Satan. Your minds no longer enjoy the Light that has been given you from heaven and you have neither certainties, nor assurances, and, all the less, the joy that, in other times, filled your hearts.

Make a “mea culpa” and then the ancient serpent will flee from you. Only in this way can you regain all the good and beautiful that you have lost.

Unfortunately, too many of you still live in darkness because of their sins and they cannot hear the Holy Spirit, who every day is farther from them. I experience such suffering for these dear children at the mercy of the evil spirit; for this reason I come again to ask your help.

Only with prayer and offerings that you know how to offer in sorrow can you soften the many sorrows of Jesus and cast away many punishments.

Pray and make others pray. The Father could give to your brothers in darkness the light of which they need to seek, through confession, the forgiveness of God and peace among you.

Listen to your hearts. Help me so that I be able to intercede before the Most Holy Trinity and obtain freedom for my children from the claws of Satan. I know I’m asking much, but if you help me, your merits will be enormous.

Your disobedient brethren could change their minds and regain the sense to adore and thank that God whom they have been offending with their multiplicitous refusals.

I bless you.

Mary, Most Holy