Mary, Your “Friend”

My dear children, so beloved, I am sending you all the angels that are making my crown, because your solitude is too strong.

Even if you encounter many people along your journey, you will not succeed in feeling affection, love, understanding, charity for your brethren. For this reason, you feel alone even standing next to many people.

I am sending you my angels so that they may make merry among you. One no longer speaks, one no longer converses and among brethren you remain strangers. This is not good, dear children. You suffer loneliness even while standing together.

My angels will help you in bringing you together. Each one of you needs to give and receive affection, but no one of you takes the first step. I will gather you. Remember that friendship must be reborn in each of you. This feeling will fill you with the joy of life.

Leave your shells where you feel secure, and give your hand to your neighbor. Greet the people you meet. Draw close to those brothers and sisters who, because of family strife, suffer in silence.

Resume conversation between adults and children. Your children still need advice, love, sharing. Even in public do not feel yourselves a “number.” Each place must resume its vitality.

You, my children, who animate your parishes, give the first example. Make yourselves known as children of the one God, loving and compassionate, toward those most in need of affection.

You will overcome your solitude in giving to others all the time necessary for recovering the love that is missing. My dear children, you cannot live by yourselves, because you are born to live and share all the gifts that the good God grants you abundantly.

I love you. Call upon me and I will make you more tender and happy in giving, and even more, in receiving reciprocal love. I love you, dear children. Remember every day to ask the help of the angels of heaven.

May Jesus be your closest friend.

Mary, Your “Friend”