Mary, Mother and Spouse

The Holy Spirit is upon you and has consecrated you with his anointing.

My dear children, never let yourselves lack the anointing of the Spirit. The Father will give it to you until the end of your earthly days. Rest secure; with his presence he will preserve you from every calamity.

Always be submissive to his authority. Only with the Holy Spirit can you drive away satan and his evil spirits, who are always ready to raid upon your souls.

Rest secure, you who believe in the work of the Third Person of the Trinity. Entrusting oneself to God is to have power over every kind of demon. Dear children, call upon the Holy Spirit every time you find yourselves in trouble.

If I tell you this, it is because the Third Person is not known and invoked enough. Your God is infinite love and for this reason he is the Watchman that guards every child who calls upon him.

I am with you but if you turn to the Spirit of God, you will be protected and loved in the most perfect way there is. Do not be afraid of the one who cannot take away your eternal life. He is doing all that he is allowed, but soon will come even the moment of arrest for him and all his followers.

Be patient and humble, and you will succeed in moving mountains. Your witness is truthful, because it is Jesus who speaks through his Word. Be efficacious instruments and all the world will return to being obedient and grateful for the love that the Creator has for his creatures.

Be attentive, persevering, obedient to the Word of God and no diabolical creature will be able to disturb you with its temptations. You are the children of a King, the King of Kings, and of his Queen and Mother of Jesus. I will console you every time you run to me. I will intervene in every situation. Nothing is impossible for God. I love you, I bless you, I console you.

Mary, Mother and Spouse