Mary, Mother of Jesus and Your Mother

My daughter, you do well to pray with the same words that you have always been taught. Saying, “Lead us not into temptation” means “Do not leave us during temptation, but deliver us from evil!”

Yes, “deliver us,” because you are always subject to temptation. Satan lives on “temptations,” otherwise, with what other weapon could he subjugate you? Do not worry, I tell you. Jesus, I, your Mother, and your guardian angel, we will not let you be tempted more than you can handle.

For this reason, you must pray, and pray with the certitude that you will have our help in every moment of the day. Do not make the error of doing anything without our help, but continue to entrust yourselves to us with all the love that you have in your hearts for Us.

Let prayer never be missing from your lips. Let it be your daily food and remember, your body can go for a few days without a meal, but your spirit always needs you to entrust yourselves to Us in order to live.

Feed often on the food that nourishes, the “Eucharist,” and do not worry, we will think about the rest. Are we not, perhaps, your parents! Jesus was in my womb in order to become small and come among you.

You are all brethren in Christ. Love him, call upon him, allow him to live always next to you. I entrust you to the Heavenly Father, who through Jesus, your brother, teaches you the way that leads to His Kingdom.

I bless you. Continue to pray indefatigably!

Mary, Mother of Jesus and Your Mother