Your Heavenly Mother

My such beloved children, fear not, because the devil will be beaten not long from now. Jesus, He who is the victor, will no longer allow him to do evil to his most beloved children.

I will console you in the most dramatic moments that you are going to live through, but I promise that all the prayers that you have addressed to me in all this time will be of help to each of you.

My children, you know well that only God can do all things. You, inhabitants of planet earth, you think you have conquered all that has been conquerable, but this is not so. Unfortunately, your brains can discover all that the Creator of the world allows.

You have arrived at the culmination. Now there remains time for conversion. Heaven is ready to open itself up to all those who, knowing the Creator, ask pardon for all the offenses that they have caused to the Most Holy Trinity, that is, to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart and your sins will be remitted. Then you will have the peace to praise, bless, and glorify the Absolute Master of all the universe.

My dear children, continue to walk along the way that is shown by Jesus with the Crucifixion. You will overcome all the obstacles that appear before you in the days to come, to conquer, then, eternal joy.

I am always with you. I will embrace you and will never abandon you. We will be one heart and one spirit in the unity of the Eternal Father. May his blessing descend copiously, through me, upon you.

Your Heavenly Mother