Sorrowful Mary

My daughter, do not worry about the sorrow that is piercing your heart, because you are helping me to overcome my sorrow. My children are destroying me. They do not believe and do not want to do what Jesus desires for their salvation. And you, my little remnant, you are helping me to overcome this great sorrow.

I ask, above all, you mothers, who can understand what I am suffering: pray without rest, offer sacrifices to my Jesus, so that he might heal the many souls from all the evil that is destroying, above all, the young.

Mothers, I implore you: do not grow discouraged, but seek to hold firm during all your supplications to the Father.

I am with you, but I need all your support. Pray much, as well, for my priests, who are losing their faith. Satan is strong and they, without your support, could fall at any moment.

I tell you mothers, affiliate yourselves with a priest and pray for him day and night, so that Satan leave them alone to their sanctification. My dear children, sacrifice yourselves for the salvation of the world, which is sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of the abyss.

Your prayers are more than necessary and your sacrifices will open so many hearts, closed up hermetically.

You see very well what is happening on your planet. Satan is destroying you. He is destroying every work of your hands and your beloved earth is dying. My children, pray for your politicians. They are blinded by success and by power, but soon they will perish.

I bless you. Help me with your prayer and with your sufferings.

Sorrowful Mary