Jesus, Risen from the Dead

My daughter, it is your Jesus and I come to you to give you strength and courage in these last times. I will certainly not cause you fear. I am He who loves all his children without distinction.

You have been created to return to He who has thought of you forever. Why does all this fear invade your heart? I am with you in particular when you are taken by fear. I pray you, think about the love that I have shown in Creation. I want the best for each of you.

Pray to the Father, so that He put an end to these difficult times and open the new world to all his children worthy of peace, joy, love, and sharing of what has marvelously existed for all eternity.

If you are coherent with your creed you will be safe. The certainty that there exists something more durable must take from your heart and your mind this fear that has taken possession of you and no longer lets you live in the freedom that I have given to each of you.

In prayer, only in prayer, will you find that strength that will not abandon you before every obstacle. The devil knows that these are the last times for him to tempt my beloved children and he inculcates fears and concerns in order to make you fall and lose eternal life.

I pray you, draw close to My Body and Blood. Feed on the Eucharist, which satisfies in every moment. I want you all with me and will not let you be tempted for much longer. I have given my life for you and will not allow you to be taken by tricks.

I love you, I console you if you ask me and I will save you from all diabolical traps.

I bless you in the Name of my Father and of the Trinity together.

Jesus, Risen from the Dead