The Queen of Peace

My such dear children, I ask you: but do you believe in my apparitions on your earth? In these last times I am still coming to you to teach you the love and the glory of God. If my Son, together with the Father, permits me to come to you, it is because you absolutely need it.

Do you not understand that the more your draw far from the love of God, the more the evil one takes possession of your hearts? I am the “Mother” and until your last day I will be near you and will sustain you in the last temptation of the evil one.

I have appeared all over the world, I have given each of you the possibility to listen to my counsels, but only the smallest part of you have heard me and put into practice my maternal counsels.

Dear children, I implore you, draw near to the altar often and nourish yourselves with the Body and Blood of Jesus, because only under these conditions will you be able to acquire the strength necessary to overcome the evil one.

I am there, in your midst. I implore you: pray, offer sacrifices, do penance, and ask Jesus often to forgive all your guilt. But are you not aware that without our help, you are losing all your strength?

The devil, in this time, is raiding my weakest children in temptations. Be strong. Only by feeding on the Body and Blood of Jesus will you be victorious.

I am with you in the same way in which I showed myself to the little shepherd children, pure and humble of heart. I love you. Listen to me. Time is drawing short. I greet you with a great embrace around each of you. I love you and protect you.

The Queen of Peace