Mary, Help of Christians

Dear children, peace to you and to all my children of good will. Today we speak of that place where souls suffer eternally, above all because the presence of God is denied them. Where God is not, there is no life. That, my children, is true death.

Eternal suffering, place of punishment, like none of you can imagine. Speak, children, of this place. Do not be afraid and do not listen to those who deny the existence of hell.

I am your Mother and I would not speak to you about it if I were not worried for all my dear children who, not obeying the laws of God, will plunge into this place. Darkness will reign in eternity and no one will every be able to save those souls who, willingly, have renounced the Kingdom of God.

I implore you, beloved children, speak of hell and of the demons who inhabit it. After the disobedience of Lucifer, they no longer enjoy the goodness of God, and the only thing that makes them happy is to make all my children fall into sin, who often, without knowing it, fall without ever getting back up again.

I cannot bear that my children be damned, so I am speaking to you about this ultimate, eternal punishment. Satan is destroying all that most annoys him, the creatures loved by the Most Holy Trinity.

I pray for these souls, but I need your help. I will sustain you with the graces that my Son offers you. Let us search for all the ways of wresting, from the clutches of the unclean, my offspring.

Hell, however, is a place of eternal punishment, the worst that one can imagine. Let us unite in cenacles, let us pray together to the Father, so that he might yet have compassion on these disobedient children of mine and free them before the demon renders them slaves forever.

I bless you, my dear children. Let us remain always united in love, because love will save the world. Be faithful to the One True God and you will be inhabitants of his Kingdom.

Pray and your will obtain the necessary graces for you.

Mary, Help of Christians